More technology to do chores

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More technology to do chores

Post by Xception » Thu Jul 24, 2014 5:09 pm

With how busy people are in the world these days, I'm surprised we don't see more automated machines to take over work around the house. In the 80's-90's we were all into that, with electric can openers and new kitchen appliances to take over chopping and prep duties... Dishwashers, etc. The computer technology skyrocketed ahead after that, but I don't see much in the market, particularly in local stores and people's homes, that take over chores. For example, we've probably all seen those little vacuum robots that drive themselves around the floor turning every time they hit something until they eventually vacuum the whole house. Anyone actually seen a real one on the floor, or in a store to buy? How about one that crawls around the grass in your backyard and scoops up poop or other debris?
Why not have a kitchen floor washing bot?
I bet lots of people would buy them, provided they actually work. Less time doing chores means more time working or with the family.
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Re: More technology to do chores

Post by Panda » Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:53 pm

AFAIK, at this point of time I don't think we have the AI software that are good enough to do this kind of work. Maybe in the future and not the skynet kind of AI. :p
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