Are there still people on these forums?

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Are there still people on these forums?

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Most of the posts seem to be from a few months ago. I almost feel like I must be talking to a wall.

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Re: Are there still people on these forums?

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Well this is a community forum... however people tend to use it for post, get the hosting account and dissapear. We are still figuring out innovative ways to keep the discussions on. So any suggestions on this behalf would be welcome.
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Re: Are there still people on these forums?

Post by Xception »

There are active people in these forums!

Suggestions on how to increase user engagement levels:

- Hold a regular contest of some kind. You could give away hosting upgrades, or maybe a domain registration free of charge once a month. You could hold contests 1 at a time, for each forum section you want to boost activity in, awarding the user with the most posts, most words, or simply create a minimum number of posts in that section to be eligible for an entry into the draw.

- Do you have anything running in Cpanel to link us back to the forums? Cpanel skins can be customized to put your own buttons, links, etc. You can add a SmokeyHost icon in the Preferences tab at the top of the main cpanel menu that links us back to the forums. You could also get a widget to go on the left column under the stats, to show us the 3 most recent posts with a link to go make a reply.
After all, you are not "Losing" people here when they make their posts and get their hosting accounts, they are just hiding in cpanel and whatever else they use to make use of the hosting account.

Newsletter - I guess I haven't been here long enough to see if there is a free hosting community newsletter. Make a digest with any interesting happenings on the forums and encourage people to get in there to post.

Is there any form of classified ad type posting allowed here? If people are allowed, in a limited fashion - perhaps strictly to request help with website development etc - but not allowed to post services or anything for sale, only requests - it would make it hard to abuse but allow for a good reason why a member would come back in here even if they already have their quota of posts done for their hosting account.
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