How much time is required?

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How much time is required?

Post by anish »

Hey admin
How much time is required to register a domain if it is requested in Upgrade request forum?

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Post by SHAdmin »

It is usually done within 24 hours unless there is some other important job keeping me busy.
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Post by Gyanu »

yea but i also try for request int the free hosting request but till now i don't get any mgss.
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Post by iBye »

Be patient, he will send you the required information as soon as he's able to.
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Post by Zeqya »

What Tha Hell I Waited 4Days For First Answer And Then 6Days for Another question Of requesting Package -.-'
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Post by Thanuja »

good update .....................................................
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Re: How much time is required?

Post by henedak »

nice info thanks for topic and replays
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Re: How much time is required?

Post by raharaw »

I will wait for the 24 hours:)
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